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Enter to win one of three great prizes!

Here at mergespeaks Inc., we’d like your assistance in planning our 2010 Leadership Skills Series Live audio conferences, AND we’re giving away PRIZES in return for your help!  It will take less than 5 minutes of your time!

Click here to complete the survey

For two years now, you, our clients, have helped make our quarterly learning series hugely popular, so in return for your help, we think it’s only fair that we give you three chances to win your choice of one of my Leadership Skills audio programs, either in downloadable mp3 or CD format, a $197 value. Eight to choose from, each one offers specific, practical and hands-on skills to become a better leader.  Whether it’s delegating the right way, overcoming negativity in the workplace, or having difficult conversations with employees, each one gets right to the heart of the issue and gives you what you need to know!  If you want to see what you’ll be making your prize selection from, click here.

We’ll take your responses until 11:59 PM MST Monday November 30, and then we’ll randomly draw for three winners.  We’ll announce the winners here on my blog, and also in December’s issue of Merge’s Monthly Mega Minute.

Do it now – click here – and thanks for your help!

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