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Finding the right words in awkward situations

Danielle Harder from the Canadian HR Reporter contacted me a few weeks ago about a story she was doing on difficult conversations in the workplace.  I was honored and thrilled to provide insights on how to find the words in awkward situations and tackle those prickly conversations that are sometimes necessary when dealing with employees.  Here’s the opening of the article:

As a leadership and communications expert, Merge Gupta-Sunderji thought she had heard it all. But when her Calgary-based firm asked clients about the most difficult conversations they’ve had with employees, she was admittedly surprised. Take, for example, the female manager who had to talk to a male employee about continually grabbing himself in his private area during meetings.

Read the entire article that was published in the January 31 issue. 

Do you have any additional tips?  Or any horror stories of your own?

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