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Five keys to breaking free from accounting stereotypes

170108_CA-smBean-counters, number-crunchers, pencil-pushers — merely three of the common monikers often used to describe those in the accounting profession — and none of them complimentary. These labels are frequently used to disparage and belittle those who take seriously the responsibility of minding the money.  Unfortunately, negative stereotypes such as these can stunt career prospects and adversely affect the number and quality of new opportunities that come one’s way.  So for those who have aspirations to make their mark in the top echelons of organizations, they need to prove that these negative labels do not apply to them.

How to break free from the stereotypes

This is the topic of my latest regular Leadership column for Canadian Accountant titled Five keys to breaking free from accounting stereotypes.

accounting stereotypes

To summarize, here are the five specific ideas to overcome these negative stereotypes:

  1. Take on different roles
  2. Learn to talk in terms of the big picture
  3. Break the pattern
  4. Get out there!
  5. Above all, be flexible

Well, I’d love to hear your perspectives.  Let me know what you think of my latest column.  Comment here or on the Canadian Accountant website, let us know about your experiences.

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