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Follow-through is essential, in sports and in leadership

This was the football (soccer) match that would decide who would make it to the quarterfinals at Morocco’s Coupe de Tron.  Two popular teams, Maghreb Fez and FAR Rabat fought it out to the bitter end, eventually having to go to penalty kicks to settle the score.  FAR goalkeeper Khalid Askri thought he’d won it for his team, but he celebrated just a tad bit too early!  See his monumental error for yourself.

Askri made a critical error … he didn’t follow through.  He executed well, but he didn’t stay on top of his actions to ensure that he reached his expected destination.  Not that different from the workplace, is it?  How many times have you observed people start something, get most of it done, but then neglect to follow it through to its final conclusion?  What actions can you take to ensure that your people are following things through to their final outcome, and not just checking them off a to-do list?


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