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Getting the greatest return on investment (ROI) from your people

CGA0708-2013CoverThe ultimate wisdom of business decisions is determined by whether you get a positive return on your investment (ROI).  And decisions about spending on employees are no different, they should be made on the same criteria.  There is one significant distinction though — when it comes to making investments in people, the ROI is not always readily evident, nor it is easily quantifiable.  And for this reason of measurement ambiguity, many leaders fall into the trap of thinking that this kind of spending is not viable.  Not so!  When you make thoughtful and wise investments in your people – beyond just the basic salaries and benefits – then you will get a return on that investment – in the form of engaged employees who are committed to your organization and who will go above and beyond to make your company thrive and succeed.  In my latest column in CGA Magazine, I explore the four areas of “people spending” that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

Workforce Economics: Why spending on your employees is “smart money”

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