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Getting your ideas across to management

The great folks at PDNet and CGA Canada have invited me to deliver a live webcast ” Getting Your Ideas Across to Management” on Thursday May 24, 2012 at 9 AM Pacific Time.   If you’ve never attended a live web event before, it’s a great way to get focused relevant learning right at your desk.  Using just your desktop or laptop computer, you’ll be able to view and hear the webcast.  Plus, a recorded version of the webcast will be available to all participants for one year.  Priced at just $129 ($99 if you’re a CGA member), it’s a steal of a deal!  REGISTRATION CLOSES 24 HOURS BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS. SO DON’T DELAY! To register, or get more information, go to

When you offer your expertise and advice in the workplace, do your managers stop and listen? When you share your knowledge and experience, do your colleagues and team mates nod their heads in agreement and use it as a springboard for further discussion and dialogue? Perhaps most importantly, can you influence others, even senior leaders, to come around to your point of view, particularly when their minds are already made up? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then congratulations as you have mastered one of the most essential and fundamental skills of effective business relationships.   Your ability to persuade and influence, to get your ideas understood and accepted by others, particularly by those who are senior to you in an organization, is a key predictor of future professional and career success. But … if you weren’t able to answer these three questions in the affirmative, then it’s time to take action to change this state of affairs! In this fast-paced content-rich webcast, you’ll learn specific and practical ways to gain greater respect and influence for your ideas, and as a result, improve your track record in getting your ideas recognized, accepted, and implemented.


  • Hi Merge, I find the last question, influencing others, the most difficult part for me. I’m excited to watch your webcast on this topic.


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