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Hate your job? You have three choices

If you’re spending eight hours a day (or more) in a job that you’re not crazy about, then you have three options moving forward.  That’s right, only three!  And whining at the water cooler about how much you hate your job isn’t one of them!

If I sound harsh, I’ll apologize, but I stand by what I said!  You see, life is too short to “survive” a job that you hate.  Which is why I wrote my latest column in The Globe and Mail that published earlier today.

Hate your job? You have three choices

hate your job

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Do you agree?

So I know the title of this column – “Hate your job?” – sounds tough, and I meant it to be.  But now it’s your turn.  Do you agree with my “tough love” approach?  What about the advice I’ve offered around choice #3?  I would love to hear what you think. Please add your comments below.

I write a regular monthly column for The Globe and Mail Report on Business, and they often focus on how to position yourself for career growth and success.  Here are links to some of the more recent ones:


  • Great piece, Merge. I think we’d do well in organizations to give some training on how to respectfully ask questions, seek help without coming off as complaining. Some folks just don’t have that skill set and it can make a huge difference to their mental health, their careers and to the organizations for whom they work.

    • You’re absolutely right Mark. There are a variety of approaches to question respectfully, and ask for help positively, and these are skills that can be learned. Many organizations offer this type of training to their employees. Plus, there are books and other resources that also explain these language tools for those who aren’t fortunate enough to have access to this type of training.


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