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Here is my “shipped” list for 2012!

Last week, I told you about an exercise I’ve done for two years now – creating and celebrating a list of what we’ve “shipped” in in the previous year. Remember, this isn’t shipping of books or products to a destination, but rather the “shipping” of deliverables – getting things done, achieving goals, reaching the finish line, delivering completed products and services – you know, accomplishing significant goals and objectives. The amazing thing is that every time I do this, I am always surprised what we’ve managed to pull off and bring about in the past year. Last week, I encouraged you to do the same, and I promised that I would share my list with you once it was complete. So here it is!

  • Delivered 62 speaking engagements (my goal was 60)
  • On August 21, I delivered my 1000th presentation as a professional speaker and trainer! Woo hoo! And as luck would have it, I was in a pretty cool place when it happened! I was “down under” in Melbourne, Australia, working with a favourite client!
  • Crossed the 56,000 mark for total number of people who have attended my keynotes and workshops
  • Launched our brand-new website, completely renovated from top-to-bottom!
  • Produced four new audio CDs in our Leadership Skills Live Series
    • Mastering the Performance Evaluation Process – You can’t manage what you don’t measure
    • The “Let’s Not Kill The Messenger” Manual – The leader’s guide to communicating unpopular decisions and changes
    • The Reluctant Employee – How to Lead, Train and Motivate the Change-Resistant Worker
    • No Whining Allowed – How to Deal With Employee Complaints and Concerns
  • Acquired eight new (to us) clients
  • In response to client demand, developed three new learning programs
  • Invited to be a showcase speaker at the annual conference in Dallas TX for the International Association of Speakers Bureaus. This was a huge deal and the achievement of a goal that I set for myself several years ago!
  • Wrote six installments of my regular Further Than Figures column for CGA Magazine
  • Provided expert advice to writers from Inside HR and Service Station and Garage Management Magazine.
  • On the personal front, got to check off two more items on my “places I want to visit before I die” list – (1) traveled to Denali National Park in Alaska to come up close and personal with black bears, and (2) explored the eerie isolation of Australia’s “Red Centre”

So … did you make your list of what you “shipped” in 2012? Do it! I think, like me, you’ll surprise yourself. And please … do stop by here to let us all know how you did.


  • Love the annual Merge shipped list!

    Thanks for your continued inspiration.

    Cheers, Marilyn

  • Thank you Marilyn …. but where is yours? I hope you’re doing one (even if you choose not to share it publicly as I have :))


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