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Here’s my “shipped” list for 2011!

A couple of weeks ago, I told you how I was going to stop and celebrate the accomplishments of 2011 by creating a list of what I’d “shipped” during the year.  Not shipping of books or products to a destination, but rather the “shipping” of deliverables – getting things done, achieving goals, reaching the finish line, delivering completed products and services – you know, accomplishing significant goals and objectives.  And not only did I encourage you to do the same, but I promised that I would share my list with you once it was complete.  So here it is!

  • Delivered 61 speaking engagements
  • Delivered my signature keynote “Why Does the Lobster Cast Off Its Shell?” to an audience of my peers and colleagues at the National Convention for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a huge honour!  Woo hoo!
  • Crossed the 44,000 mark for total number of people who have attended my keynotes and workshops
  • Produced four new audio CDs
    • Juggling Your Workload – Prioritization and time management skills for leaders
    • Emotional Intelligence – The keys to working more effectively with others
    • Are We Having Fun Yet? – Motivating your team and maximizing performance
    • Personality Performance – The inside scoop on forming high-performing teams
  • Acquired eight new (to us) clients
  • Launched four new learning programs
  • Wrote six installments of my regular Further Than Figures column for CGA Magazine
  • Was re-elected for a second 2-year term to the national board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • Provided expert advice to the Canadian HR Reporter on tackling prickly conversations with employees.
  • On the personal front, got to check off two items on my “places I want to visit before I die” list – (1) traveled to remote areas of eastern Turkey to visit the ancient (and endangered) city of Hasankeyf and to wander amongst the fallen heads of Nemrut Dagi, and (2) explored the spectacular underwater world of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

So … did you make your list of what you “shipped” in 2011?  Do it!  I think, like me, you’ll surprise yourself.  And please … do stop by here to let us all know how you did.

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