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How to create a high-performing work team – live audio event on November 16

Diverse personalities and working styles can be the source of immense conflict OR the foundation of team effectiveness! It depends on your perspective AND what you do to capitalize on the differences. If your workplace team is dysfunctional (and driving you crazy), then it IS possible to stop the suffering! It IS possible to turn the differences into highly productive strengths!

Join me, Merge, for one fast-paced and content-rich hour in which you’ll learn in-depth, step by step, how create high-performing teams.

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Even if your people seem to be working well together, there is always room to make things even better.  Learn specific and practical tools to take your team from storming to performing.  And if you act by November 9, you can take advantage of early bird savings!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • An in-depth understanding of the four essential working styles that are fundamental to a high-performing team
  • Three definitive actions that YOU can take build and support your high-performing team
  • Why lack of conflict on a team often points to team ineffectiveness AND how to get past the pitfalls that accompany too much conformity
  • Two easy questions to ask yourself to quickly determine what strengths (and weaknesses) each of your employees brings to the team
  • How to pinpoint exactly where you are on the team development life cycle (and why it matters)

Join me on November 16, 2011 at 11 AM MST. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY until this Wednesday November 9!

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