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Holding on to your best and brightest employees – live audio event on February 6

If you’ve got great employees then you know that they’re in high demand! But what are you doing – really doing – to keep your best and brightest from walking out the door? Many leaders I ask this question of say “nothing”, but just as many get a perplexed look on their faces because they haven’t even thought about it! But if you’re not taking planned and deliberate actions to keep your top talent from walking out the door, then you’re jeopardizing your continued success.

If you want to learn specific and practical steps that you can take to engage and hold on to your top workers, then my upcoming audio conference is exactly what you need. “Stars That Shine – How to retain your best and brightest employees” is one fast-paced power hour during which I’ll tell you what you need to know, and perhaps more importantly, specifically what you need to do to prevent your stars from jumping ship.

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Don’t wait! If you act by January 30, you can take advantage of early bird savings. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • What the research (unequivocally) tells us about what makes employees leave and what makes them stay
  • A definitive list of the key areas you should focus on in order to create a motivated and engaged workforce
  • Specific practical actions that you can take to create employees who are involved, efficient, effective AND loyal
  • Why you can’t afford to let your superstars become disillusioned about what they do and where they work
  • Eye-opening examples of what other leading organizations have done to increase job satisfaction and decrease employee turnover

Join me on February 6, 2013 at 11 AM MST. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY for two more days until Wednesday January 30!

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