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How are you solving problems? By trial or by effort?

solving problemsSolving problems is an important part of your role as a leader.  If you have to solve a problem, the approach that takes the least effort is to try possible solutions until you find one that works.  If a solution works, then you probably had the difficulty that the remedy was there to fix.

But this tactic can be slow, expensive, and unsafe.  It’s also a dreadful way to present yourself as a professional.  What if your accountant or plumber used the same methodology?  Would “I’ll try this, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll try something else” inspire you with confidence in their abilities?

A solution that is the result of an expert diagnosis of a problem will always give greater assurance to your clients, and it will build their commitment to you.  Sure, an expert diagnosis of a problem takes more time and energy, but it is worth the effort.  A professional who uses experience and effort to identify and analyze the root causes to problems, will always win out over someone who resorts to speculation and guesswork.

What approach are you taking to solving problems?

What approach are you taking to solve your internal and external client difficulties and challenges?  What language are you using when you converse with them?  How do you come across?  Are you positioning yourself as a professional and an expert, or are you being perceived as someone who resorts to conjecture and supposition?  If it’s the latter, then your expertise is likely being dismissed, and you’re probably not getting the notice and respect you deserve.

Take a few moments to reflect on how you are solving problems, and then commit to making changes that will showcase you and your talents in the best possible way.

I’d love to hear your take on what I’ve just said about solving problems.   Please share your perspective by adding your comment below.

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