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How to avoid the most common first-time leader mistakes – live audio event on May 22

leadership3When you make that big move into a position of leadership, the skills that made you successful in the past are likely to cause you to fail as a new leader! Earlier, you were probably recognized and rewarded for your track record in getting things done; but when you have staff that report to you, your success is now measured by how well you can get other people to get things done. And that’s not always as easy as you might hope!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your leadership role for a while, or if you’re just aspiring to a supervisory or team leader position, my upcoming audio conference will give you what pitfalls to watch for and avoid AND the knowledge and skills to get you and your team moving forward.  “Lead Smart – How to avoid the most common first-time leader mistakes” is one fast-paced power hour during which I’ll outline the most common traps that leaders fall into and the key specific actions you should take to quickly to get yourself and your team into a high-performance state of mind.  The result: you’ll can be confident that you have what it takes to be an exceptional leader.

Click here to register now – CLOSED

Don’t wait! If you act by May 15, you can take advantage of early bird savings. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • The single essential mental shift you MUST make in order to be successful as a leader
  • The (eight or more) most common traps leaders blindly fall into that set them on the path to failure
  • Specific and proven leadership tools that you can use to put you firmly on the road to early success
  • Tips on finding the difficult balance between over- and under-supervising
  • Practical steps to overcome the challenges associated with managing people who were previously your peers
  • Examples of what successful leaders have done to create high-performing cohesive teams

Join me on May 22, 2013 at 11 AM MDT. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY for two more days until Wednesday May 15!

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