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How to boost engagement in a hybrid workplace

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah Dobson, editor of the Canadian HR Reporter, reached out to me for an article she was writing about how employers can boost employee engagement in a hybrid workplace. I was thrilled to contribute. Read it here: How to boost engagement in a hybrid workplace.

hybrid workplace

Sarah also interviewed Darryl Wright, associate partner for people advisory services at EY Canada in Toronto for this article.

Some of the main areas Sarah covers in this article are communication, leadership, collaborative tools, and the importance of focusing on deliverables.

I’d love to hear about your reaction to Sarah’s article. Do you agree with the suggestions in it? If your organization is going to a hybrid workplace model, what are your concerns, and what are you doing (if anything) to mitigate them? Please add your comments below.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to lead hybrid teams, then you may find the video tip series I’ve been running all year to be helpful. Access it here: Leading Hybrid and Virtual Teams Video Series

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