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How to develop and grow your people

Brand-new video series for 2019

Last year I did an entire video series of short focused tips on how to motivate employees, each one outlining a specific way that leaders could inspire, engage and energize their employees.  This series got such great feedback from so many of you that I knew that I needed to do something in a similar format once again.  So it got me thinking about what this year’s subject area should be.

If you have ever attended one of my live leadership training events, you know that I usually spell out the two basic philosophies of leadership.  Principles so fundamental that if you don’t live, breathe and truly believe these values, then you simply should not be in a leadership role.  If these leadership philosophies are not your core beliefs, then with great respect, you cannot be a great leader.  You will hate being in a leadership position, and quite frankly, your employees will dislike it too.  The first of these two fundamental philosophies of leadership is your belief that “You are a coach and developer of people”.  As a leader, you HAVE to be a coach and developer of people.  Else, you cannot be a good leader, let alone an exceptional one.

2019 – one full year of focused tips on how to develop and grow your people

So … with that in mind, this year’s topic for our video series is going to be … drum roll please …. “How to develop and grow your people”Starting later this month, and every week or couple of weeks, I’ll offer up a video blog outlining one specific, pragmatic, and actionable idea you can use to help your employees develop and grow into accomplished professionals and the future leaders in your organization.  One explicit pointer that will help you harness your people power to build your employees and create results.  My focus will be on giving you one tip on how to develop and grow your people in three minutes or less, one suggestion that is quick and easy to internalize and implement.  I don’t yet know exactly how many of these video blogs I’ll do this year, but my plan is that by the end of 2019, you’ll have at least thirty, perhaps more, practical tools in your Developing Your Employees toolbox.

So I hope you’re excited – I certainly am – and that you’ll stay tuned for this How to Develop and Grow Your People series that will start up closer to the end of this month.  If you’ve got specific issues or concerned you want addressed, I’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below, or if you’d prefer, drop me an email note.

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