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How to display true empathy in the workplace

Empathy is a workplace skill worth pursuing.  People who are empathetic have higher-quality working relationships with their colleagues, their staff, their clients and their superiors. But because empathy relies on a lot of non-verbal cues, our current world of remote working can present several challenges.

My latest column in The Globe and Mail, published online on Monday, focuses on this very important topic.  In it, I not only dig deeper to what separates empathy from sympathy, but I also outline four powerful ways to be more empathetic, even when we’re not seeing each face-to-face.  Read How to display true empathy in the workplace.


If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, here is a direct link to the column on their site:

I’d love to hear more about your experiences with being empathetic.  Has the pandemic made people more, or less empathetic?  Have you found it more difficult to show empathy because of the lack of visual and auditory cues that have come with remote working?    Please share your perspectives by commenting below.


  • Another great piece, Ms Gupta-Sunderji.

    I would say that, in my experience, the pandemic has definitely led to an increase in empathy. I’ve also found it personally easier to show empathy. I think this has to do with the fact that most people have had struggles and that people are more open about sharing their struggles than they might have been previously.

    I’ve also witnessed examples of lessening empathy, but there were specific contextual factors at play as well.

    • So good to hear from you Tony. And indeed, you are one of my favourite people! I’m glad to hear that most of your experiences have been that empathy is on the rise. I have always felt that empathy is easier if you <> have experienced what the other person is feeling, rather than just trying to understand. Despite how hard we may want to see another’s perspective, if you truly haven’t lived it yourself, it is more difficult.


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