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How to get respect in the workplace despite your youth

I recently got an email from a new graduate who’s been in the job for about six months. He feels that because of his youth, he’s not always taken seriously by his more veteran co-workers, and he asked for some advice on how to best go about earning greater influence and responsibility. His email reminded me of an article I wrote in CGA Magazine back in 2008 on this very subject in which I laid out four specific and practical ideas to move positively in this direction. Apparently, some workplace issues are timeless!

Given that thousands of university and college graduates have just recently started in their first internships or full-time jobs, I thought it was appropriate to point people to this article. In Welcome to Your First Job, I outline four things that you can do to get respect despite your youth – learn more, share your knowledge, get involved and write well. Give it a read, and then come on back and offer your sage advice to these thousands of new entrants into the workforce.

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