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How to manage change in the workplace

BCHRMA_logoIf you’re a supervisor or manager then you don’t need me to tell you that workplaces today are changing exponentially – you’re living it!  Resources are fewer, yet you and your staff are being asked to accomplish more tasks, give greater levels of customer service, and achieve improved results.  All this while your workload escalates and your time seems to vanish into thin air.  Yet not everyone responds in the same way to this rapid pace of change.  You likely may have one or two staff who roll with the punches and quickly bounce back from even the biggest knockout.  But you’re just as likely to have employees who resist all change and struggle to keep up with even the smallest modifications.  So what can you do to help yourself and your people successfully deal with this reality of today’s rapid pace of change?

My latest article recently published in the BC Human Resources Management Association‘s online magazine – HRVoice.orgoffers a key insight: while negative change is often unpredictable, people’s reactions to it tend to follow a classic model.  And if you understand the model, there are two key things that you can use to your benefit to help make all workplace transitions smoother.

Managing Workplace Change

Take a read through the article, and then come on back to the blog and share your experiences.  Do you agree with this model?  What are you doing to help your people navigate through workplace change?


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