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How to inspire the close-to-retirement employee

My newest column in The Globe & Mail‘s Leadership Lab series just launched into cyberspace this morning!

“How to inspire the close-to-retirement employee”

addresses this question that I am often asked in leadership training workshops and mentoring situations — “How do I elicit high performance from someone who is close – and coasting – to retirement?”

As most of you know, my last three columns in The Globe went viral; apparently the subject of millennials in the workplace can be quite controversial! 🙂  I of course was thrilled to bits that they stimulated so many conversations on the online boards, as well as around water coolers in organizations across the country.  But in today’s column, I decided to go in a another direction, focusing on a different demographic — Boomers on the verge of retirement who are either doing an adequate job (no more, no less), or in some cases, have mentally already left the building.

As always, and I hope it goes without saying, I’d love your perspectives!  The column should take you no more than a few minutes to read; I hope you’ll find it relevant and thought-provoking.  Add your viewpoint to The Globe‘s website, or if you wish, post your comment here, or send me a tweet (@mergespeaks).  Please … pass the link along to your staff and colleagues.  I suspect that they’ll each have an opinion as well!  And if you happen to be a Boomer on the verge of retirement (or managing someone who is), please jump in and join the conversation; I’d love your take on this topic.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  Here is a direct link to the article in case you need to cut and paste it elsewhere:

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