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Is it a good idea to give negative feedback to your boss?

My latest column in The Globe and Mail posted online six weeks ago!  I’m a little late!  Yes, I know, we’re always so excited that we usually send you a notice right way.  But this time, it slipped past us!  I was overseas for several weeks, and neither my team nor I realized that my column went to print.  So here we are, late, but I hope that late is better than never!

The column is titled Is it a good idea to give negative feedback to your boss?  The short answer is “It depends”.  I’ve given you the three factors you should consider as you decide whether or not to proceed.  And if you decide to go ahead and give negative feedback to your immediate manager, I’ve also outlined several proven tips to deliver the message with tact and finesse, so that you get the outcome you want.  To make sure that you feel confident, I’ve rounded out the article with an example of how a possible conversation might go.

negative feedback

So, tell me what you think.  Is there ever a situation when it is a good idea to give negative feedback to the boss?  Or is it always a no-win?  What have been your experiences, positive or negative?  Please share your thoughts by adding a comment below.

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