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Just get on with it!

So on Saturday I got an iPhone.  Now you should know that I’ve been putting off the decision to purchase a mobile device for a while now.  It’s not that I don’t see the value; after all being able to check email or surf the Internet instantly without having to wait to fire up my laptop plus find a wi-fi network holds great appeal, as does having an immediate GPS at my fingertips to find a client’s office when I’m running late.  It’s just that … well … it would take time to learn how to use it, and let’s face it, time is something that always seems to be in short supply in my office!  So I’d been postponing this purchase for months, until of course on Saturday.  With dogged determination and tenacious persistence, my husband, no doubt tired of my repeated grumbling, managed to steer me into the phone store.  An hour later, with some trepidation, I walked out with an iPhone in my hands.  And then, for the next 48 hours, all my anxieties and apprehensions began to come true.

My fingers were too fat for the keyboard and my text messages came out looking like gobbledygook; I couldn’t work out the correct formatting for my incoming and outgoing IMAP mail servers and I couldn’t get my email set up; I downloaded an application from the App Store to my iPhone and then I couldn’t transfer it to my iTunes; and horror of all horrors, how was I supposed to choose from 1,001 ringtones?  But then sometime on Monday, the wind shifted.  I got more familiar and comfortable with the iPhone keyboard; with some help from my techie, we got the email working; and some quick Googling found a solution to the application transfer problem.

Yes, I know … it’s ironic that for months, I couldn’t find the time to learn how to use a device that in the long-term would SAVE me time.  But yet, when I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and jumped in feet first, I discovered I could swim.  Yeah sure, I had to paddle in the shallow end for a couple of days and endure some frustration, but eventually I was able to come up for air, and perhaps more importantly, I realized that I COULD tread water.  It’s amazing what you can do when you just get on with it!!  So true indeed, not just about my entrance into the world of mobile devices, but of so many things in our professional and personal lives!

So, what are you putting off that you just need to get on with? Do tell, I’ll be glad to know that I’m not alone! 🙂

Now, back to my iPhone for just a moment … if only I could decide which of the 1,001 ringtones I should select …



  • how true, our office claims to be innovative and techie savvy but we are anything but. We also need to “just get on with it” and join the new world of business. Lets start with those mobile phones we keep putting off!

  • Teena, hope you can get your office to “just get on with it”. It is difficult to take that step off the diving board, but once you do, it’s not as hard as you might think. I know! Let me know how it goes.

  • I am in the same boat and am on my way to the store for several months ,but not any more .I will get it ,more so to compete with my kids .I can’t stand it sometimes that they are so much more tech savvy then I am .
    So lets see how long it will take me to swim ashore .

    many thanks for all your positive outlook on life’s events

  • Go for it Umerath! In the good news department, I’ve had my iPhone now for almost 4 months now, and I’ll never give it up now! You will get used to it … so much so that it will be difficult to live without it!


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