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Leaders have to pay attention to the impact of social media

Last September, I wrote a blog titled Why leaders cannot ignore social media.  It was prompted by a YouTube video based on Erik Qualman’s book, Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business.  The question posed in the video was: is social media a fad?  The answer was clear, and given that my professional practice focuses on turning managers into leaders, I asked the next question: what are you doing as a leader to harness the power of social media?

Well, Erik Qualman recently released Social Media Revolution 2 – a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics.  If you ignored my message the last time around, then please, do yourself a huge favour and watch this new edition.  The evidence is even more compelling than it was the last time!

I said it 10 months ago, and I’ll say it again.  There is clearly a fundamental shift in the way people are communicating with one another, and it has enormous implications for how you should be recruiting, motivating and leading your people.  And if you look at the long-term success of your organization, social media is changing how your clients and customers select and buy your services and products. What are you doing to keep up with them?

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