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Leadership from afar – 4 keys to making it work

The reality is that remote workers are becoming the norm. Whether it’s people working at home for one day a month, a week, or even full time, or staff who are geographically remote from the bosses, or even salespeople who operate mainly out of their vehicles, virtual leadership is a fundamental necessity in today’s world of business. Employees feel left out and managers and supervisors find communication more of a challenge. But long-distance leadership IS possible … if you’re willing to fine-tune your leadership approach.

In my latest article, recently published in the BC Human Resources Management Association‘s online magazine –, I offer four specific critical requirements in order to make long-distance leadership work.

Long-Distance Leadership: Managing Virtual Teams

Give it a read, and then come on back to the blog and share your experiences. What works (and doesn’t) for you when it comes to virtual leadership?

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