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Leadership in customer service – going beyond the ordinary

Wow!  I just love a good customer service experience!

We contract out all our graphic design requirements, and today’s Internet world means that we can do it all virtually.  Recently I had one of our virtual designers do several small jobs for us – one of which was to create a “Merge’s blog” button for my primary website.  He delivered promptly, we approved the work and paid him, and all was done … or so I thought.  Two weeks later I received an email.

I went to your website and noticed that the image I created for you doesn’t have a shadow like the others above it.  I have attached a revised image with a shadow so that it looks as close as possible to the others.

Wow!  This is pride in quality of workmanship.  This is willingness to go the extra mile for your customer.  This is focusing on building long-term business relationships instead of just trying to make the sale.  This was not a big job, in fact probably just one minor task in a long list of others.  Yet, he took the time to do it right.  I was impressed.  I am now a loyal customer.  And I have no reservations about recommending his work to others.  His name is Anoop and you can reach him at bamboocake[at]

Can you see the difference? I certainly can’t, but eagle-eyed Anoop could!

Are you and your staff giving this kind of customer service experience to your clients and customers? What are you doing to create this kind of a Wow! culture in your workplace?

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