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Live webcast: Essentials of Exceptional Leadership

Exceptional LeadershipThe great folks at PDNet and CGA Canada have invited me to deliver a live webinar “Essentials of Exceptional Leadership” later this week on Thursday May 23, 2013 at 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time. If you’ve never attended a live webcast before, it’s a great way to get focused relevant learning right at your desk. Using just your desktop or laptop computer, you’ll be able to view and hear the webcast. Priced at just $99, it’s a steal of a deal! Plus, a recorded version of the webcast will be available to all participants for one year SO DON’T DELAY! To register, or get more information, go to

“Management is what you do; leadership is how you do it.” – Merge Gupta-Sunderji

Designed for both the new and experienced leader, this back-to-basics webcast will give you practical and specific tools that you can use to become a better leader. This thorough, highly relevant session focuses on simple actions that will make a dramatic impact on your leadership effectiveness — literally overnight.   If you are new to the management role you will walk away with tools targeted for the first steps in leadership. If you are a veteran leader, not only will you get a “refresher,” but you will also learn some new approaches to the essential everyday leadership tools of motivation and communication. As well, the skills explored will apply to both formal and informal leadership situations. Through meaningful real-life examples, you will leave this workshop with concrete steps that you can implement in the coming weeks.

This webcast will teach you:

  • The two basic philosophies that form the foundation of exceptional leadership, and how to identify the six core values that characterize exceptional leaders
  • How to identify and act in situations in which decisive behaviour is necessary
  • How to create a working atmosphere that fosters open communication and teamwork
  • The importance of jointly established quality and performance standards in order to achieve commitment and accountability
  • The value of creating a sense of purpose as a means to promote teamwork and instill a sense of pride, as well as the importance of setting and holding high expectations

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