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Manifesting ‘workplace courage’, an important but underrated skill

A recent situation prompted today’s blog post about workplace courage.

“There is no hand sanitizer anywhere on the floor,” said an exasperated Sally on her first day on shift.

“There hasn’t been any for three days,” responded one of her co-workers.

“Why didn’t anyone tell the head nurse?” asked a surprised Sally.

“Well, no one wants to get their head bitten off,” was the prompt answer.

Sally (her name is changed) is a therapist friend of mine who works at a major hospital, and sadly, this is a true story.  It made me ponder what kind of workplace dynamic would create such a situation.  Here is a supervisor who clearly has a reputation for not being accessible, but just as equally, we have employees who lack the courage to speak up.  It is also what prompted me to write today’s column that published online in The Globe and Mail this morning.

In Manifesting ‘workplace courage’, an important but underrated skill, I illustrate three ways to demonstrate courage in the workplace.

workplace courage

If you’re a paid online subscriber to The Globe, here is a direct link to the column on their site:

I’d love to hear more about your experiences when it comes to being courageous in the workplace.  Have you been successful?  Or has it come back to bite you in the behind?  Please share by commenting below.

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