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Measuring the value of training

If your training expenses are significant, it’s not unusual to have senior leaders in your organization question whether the money spent is worth it.  And it’s not a bad question.  After all, just like every other cost you incur, you should be able to show that the dollars you spend on training your people has a positive return on investment.  But that’s the challenge … it can often be a struggle to evaluate the effectiveness of training.  After all, not every learned skill can be measured quantitatively.  Things such as customer satisfaction ratings or the average time to complete a client’s file can be calculated, but it’s much harder to compute improvement in communication or leadership!  In the latest issue of CGA Magazine, I take you back to a model (that was first developed over 50  years ago) that you can use to demonstrate that training your staff is effective and has impact.

Training Justified

Take a look and then come one back to the blog and tell us how you’ve been able to demonstrate the value of your training initiatives to the senior folks in your organization. Let’s share what works (and doesn’t work)!

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