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Millennials, November 6 is Bring In Your Parents Day!

As readers of this blog know, I have a keen interest in the Millennial generation and their impact on the workplace, and I frequently seek to get dialogues going on this topic (one such column: Four things millennials hate about you).  Recently, my fellow columnist at The Globe & Mail, Brian Church (who is also Canada’s manager for LinkedIn) posted a column about how parents can be a great source of career advice to their Millennial kids entering the workforce.  I couldn’t agree more!  In fact, a study done by LinkedIn found that Canadian parents believe the top five skills they can impart to their children are: problem solving, perseverance, integrity, time management and teamwork.  And what workplace couldn’t benefit from employees who have these characteristics?!  Brian also noted that their research found that many parents are not sharing their knowledge of these skills with their kids because they either don’t think their kids will listen or don’t have a strong enough understanding of what their child does at work.

It was the second reason – parents feel that they don’t have a strong enough understanding of what their child does at work – that caught my attention.  It make sense – given how rapidly technology is changing, and all the new types of jobs created over the past few years, it’s understandable that a lot of parents may not understand what their kids actually do at work each day.  And my research has shown that Millennials love having their parents know about their work lives, to the extent that many of them appreciate and are motivated by their bosses letting their parents know how well they are doing on the job!  (Yes, I know, that may sound crazy to some of you, particularly if you are a Boomer, but it is what it is!)  What excited me though is what is happening on November 6.  In an effort to help bridge the gap between parents and the new careers their children have chosen, LinkedIn is hosting the second annual worldwide Bring In Your Parents Day on November 6.  Millennials, what a great way to show your parents what you do at work!  So leaders, reach out to your young staff and encourage them to participate on November 6!  Not only will you help build some key workplace skills in your younger employees, but you’ll also give these same employees a huge motivational boost.  And if you’re a Millennial, please approach your manager and get their support. 

So … are you going to support Bring In Your Parents Day on November 6?  Why or why not?  I would love to hear your perspectives.

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