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Millennials in the workplace – CKNW 980 NewsTalk Vancouver interview

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to my latest column in The Globe & MailWant respect, millennials? Here’s how to earn it is the third in a series, and like the first two, it has gone viral, stimulating both positive and negative feedback, but definitely instigating conversations!  Some of those dialogues have included me, but far more important are the thousands of discussions that have started around coffee stations and water coolers, as people have commenced and continued to work on improving communication between different generations in the workplace.

Last week, Bill Good, very popular morning host on CKNW NewsTalk Vancouver, invited me to join him on his show to talk about – you guessed it – generational differences in the workplace.  The conversation, not surprisingly, centered on the negative stereotypes that are often assigned to the millennial generation, and how to get past them.  Here is a link to the actual interview.  It’s just under 18 minutes long, so grab a cup of coffee first, but I think you’ll find it a good use of your time, particularly if you’re a leader of a multi-generational team.

The Bill Good Show – Wednesday June 18 – millennials in the workplace

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