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To motivate employees, make work fun

I regularly blog about zero and low-cost ideas to motivate employees.  My last three posts on this subject were:

So this week, I thought I’d offer you two more ideas.  Today’s proven technique – make work fun.

Over and over again, organizational research has shown that when employees have fun at work, they are more engaged in their work responsibilities and they perform better on the job. Workplace fun has been shown to increase employee morale, boost creativity and innovation, enhance performance, improve organizational commitment, and decrease turnover.  All very good reasons for you to create a playful and productive environment in your workplace! But … would your employees say that they find their work environment enjoyable, entertaining, playful and encouraging? If not, then it’s time to add more humor and merriment to your workplace. And it is possible to do so without sacrificing professionalism and performance.

Over the next few months, I’ll offer up different ideas and examples of ways to make your workplace fun based on what I’ve observed in some of the best workplaces around the world.  But for now I’d like to know what are some of your stellar examples – what have you seen that people in companies do to make work fun, of course without compromising professionalism and performance?  Please share.

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  • Hi Merge,
    I like to tie in performance to fun. When employees meet goals, they are rewarded with fake money (Amica Bucks) for each goal met. Then, quarterly we have a party that the employees can use their bucks to buy into. The party can be pretty low cost ex. pizza, breakfast, chili etc. Giving them some food and time to hang out at work makes this a nice and inexpensive reward.


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