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Negative people try to stall; don’t let them

Back in March, I blogged about defensiveness as one of the tactics that negative people use to create toxicity in the workplace.  Stalling is another tactic used by negative people.  Their objective in stalling is to attempt to change a decision or control a situation. They may not want the assignment or project and, by stalling, they hope that someone else will take over.  If they put off doing what you ask them to do long enough, perhaps you’ll ask someone else.  And the unfortunate truth is that many times, just to be able to get things done, we let them get away with it!

So how can you overcome this?  Persistence and tenacity.  Involve these people by listening, really listening, to them.  Ask probing questions and be relentless in your follow-up.  Find out what the real reason for the delay is.  Don’t give up, you may have to ask several rounds of questions before you get at the real reason.  Once you find out, provide assistance and offer to help them, but don’t let them off the hook.  Determination and doggedness is the only way to combat stalling.

What do you think?  Do negative people resort to stalling?  And how have you dealt with it?  Add your comments below please.

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