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Why new hires can be a huge advantage to your team

I was working with a group of supervisors and managers recently and one of them said something that caught my attention, only because it’s something I don’t hear very often. She said “I just love it when a new employee joins my team!” Usually, new hires (whether recent graduates or experienced hires from another organization) are viewed as an inconvenience – just another person to train and bring up to speed – but this manager’s enthusiasm about bringing a new employee on board made me pause and ask “Why?” Her answer, just as enlightening.

“Well, because they know that they have significant knowledge gaps to bridge, I find that they tend to be more efficient and effective in learning, and they also tend to be more innovative in developing solutions to problems. And the best part,” she continued, “they have no reservations about asking for help AND listening to the insights and advice they receive from others. So they don’t just count on their own skills and knowledge, they tap into the skills and knowledge of others. What a great way to get access to other smart minds in your company. Yup, I love it when new employees join the team,” she ended.

I can’t disagree. Can you? Do you see any other advantages to bringing new employees on board? Or do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? Do tell.

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