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Use constructive controversy to build consensus

Collaborative problem-solving is a great way to arrive at better solutions, so I always encourage team members to work on issues in small groups rather than individually. But what happens if you find yourself with staff members who clearly fall into opposing sides on a single issue? Is a collaborative solution impossible? Not necessarily. I utilize a problem-solving tool known as constructive controversy.

Constructive controversy forces team members to look at the situation in terms of both the pros and the cons. Here's how it works. Arbitrarily put your staff into two groups and assign each team one extreme of the polarizing situation. To ensure clarity, put statements up on a flipchart or whiteboard so that each team is clear on which extreme they are representing. Each team then needs to brainstorm the issue and cooperatively develop their "best reasoned judgement" that supports their assigned position. Encourage the teams to challenge each other (within their own group) as they develop the case for their assigned point of view. Give them a specific amount of time, with the expected deliverable as a bulleted list. Once their time is up, have each team do it all over again, for the same amount of time, but now for the other extreme of the polarizing issue. Again, their task is to brainstorm, discuss and develop their "best reasoned judgement" in the form of a bulleted list, but obviously this time for the opposing point of view. By asking your people to generate arguments for one extreme, and then forcing them to argue against it by going to the other extreme, you can take your team to the final step of this problem-solving tool, which is to synthesize what they've learned into a position that both sides can most likely agree.

My experience with this problem-solving tool has been very positive. By insisting that individuals argue both in favour of and against their initial point of view, I have found that a joint collaborative solution is naturally achieved. Plus, an added bonus is that your team members learn constructive conflict resolution skills.

So now it's your turn to share. What are some of the specific approaches you have taken on your teams to come to agreement on polarizing issues? What problem-solving methods are you using? Let's discuss. Please comment online at my blog at:

The 5 Rookie Mistakes New Leaders often make

Is the subject of my latest column for, the online portal for Profit Magazine. Whether you work in an organization for someone else, or if you're an entrepreneur running your own business, this will apply to you. In The 5 Rookie Mistakes New Leaders Often Make, I lay out the five most common gaffes made by leaders, and how you can steer clear of them.

Turning Managers into Leaders

That if you're leading a change initiative, Merge has a specifically-designed resource to help you?

Even though workplace change is frequent and widespread, it can be still be stressful and frustrating, and alas, many employees seem to dig in their heels and hold on with a tight grip on the past. If you're dealing with employees who are resistant, apathetic, negative and distrustful of anything new, then Merge has a power-packed audio designed for exactly your challenge. In just 60 minutes, you'll learn specific tips and strategies to get your employees to embrace change and move forward with optimism and trust.

The Reluctant Employee — How to Lead, Train and Motivate the Change-Resistant Worker

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