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The value of compound interest

My yoga instructor said something to our group while in practice the other day that caught my attention, and stayed with me long after the hot and exhausting session was over. She said to think of every practice as a deposit into your metaphoric health bank account. And as sequential deposits build up the total balance, the impact of the compounding interest becomes increasingly visible. As I reflected on this, it occurred to me that it's very true, but not just in the context of physical health; it also applies in the workplace environment.

Think about workplace relationships. When you invest time and energy into building individual relationships with your staff and co-workers – show empathy, lend a helping hand when required, offer a kind ear when it's needed the most, engage in meaningful small talk — you essentially build goodwill. Ergo, you make deposits. And when you make many deposits, the value starts to compound and the goodwill you build grows exponentially, much like compound interest does in a financial bank account. And goodwill matters! When you need your co-worker to help you at the last minute with a proposal that's due tomorrow, the goodwill (think compound interest) that you've built up with this person will determine whether (or not) you get the assistance you need. When well-laid business plans go awry, the goodwill (think compound interest) that you have with your staff will decide whether they'll roll up their sleeves and take full ownership for the problem (or shrug their shoulders and wait for you to drive the bus).

As leaders, we need to be thoughtful about making frequent and steady deposits into our relationship bank accounts in order to reap the benefits of the synergy that comes from compounded goodwill.

So as you can likely tell, this metaphor really resonated with me. But what do you think? Is there value in making sequential deposits into our relationship bank accounts? Have you observed the positive impact of compounded "interest"? Please add your comment online at my blog at:

We now have an office in British Columbia!

Over the past few years, Merge has been doing a significant amount of work in British Columbia and the western United States. In order to better service our west coast clients by being more "local", Merge has now established an office in Victoria BC. Today's technology allows us to keep our telephone numbers and other contact information exactly the same, but expect Merge to be even more available to you if you're one of our present (or future) clients in British Columbia and the western U.S. And if you haven't talked to Merge in a while, please reach out to us, Merge would love to stop by for a coffee and quick meeting at your office when she's next in your area to find out more about your leadership successes and challenges.

Turning Managers into Leaders

That Merge has been blogging about leadership subjects since 2009?

In fact, this month marks the 7th anniversary of the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog! Whether you’re seeking tips on how to deal with a specific leadership or workplace communication issue you're facing, or if you just want to dialogue with other like-minded leaders in our learning community, chances are your issue has been covered at some point or another in the blog. Browse one or more of the fifteen categories in the blog (on the right-hand side), or use the search function by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page. And if you can't find the answer to your leadership question or issue, please let us know because Merge will probably address it in a future blog post!

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