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Yes, you are a salesperson!

“I am not a salesperson!” said a client leader recently.  It was in response to my suggestion that he invest energy and effort into “selling” his recommended approach to his boss and peers.  His answer carried a hint of disdain, as if being a salesperson was a bad thing.

 In that regard, he is not unusual; “selling” frequently carries a negative connotation.  It implies that the person is aggressive, overbearing, insistent, and pushy.  Often to the degree that what is being sold does not match the buyer’s needs or goals.  And that the sale benefits the seller more than it does the buyer.  But that is not what selling should be. 

 As a leader, you should always be selling.  A more creative way of thinking, an improved workplace; an idea to make a positive difference.  Or new possibilities, empathetic relationships, strong work ethics.  Sure, this type of selling does not involve money; instead it requires energy and effort and time.  But if you’re trying to make positive change happen, then let’s be very clear; you are selling something.  And if you’re not trying to make things better, then why have you taken on the mantle of leadership?

 So if you are a leader, it is time to get rid of the mindset that you are not a salesperson.  You are.  One of your most powerful skills is that of persuasion.  It is your ability to “sell” ideas, behaviours and actions to your staff, your co-workers, your senior leaders, that will advance you and your organization further.  Seek out opportunities to offer innovative solutions, build a network of relationships, and positively influence others.  By changing your inner narrative, you can also change outcomes.

 What do you think?  Do you agree?  I’d love to hear your perspectives, even if we don’t have the same opinion.  Please comment directly on the blog at

Tools to build resiliency in your employees 

We’ve been talking about it since December, and it’s finally here.  Last month, Merge kicked off her brand-new video tip series for 2022.  The opening video explains what resiliency is, and in true Merge-style, she uses metaphors to explain it.  If you want to know how she connected eggs to balls, watch the video here: What is resiliency?

Turning Managers Into Leaders

That Merge has convenient toolkits to help you build leadership capability in your people?

These are bundled selections of audio programs (each one about 60 minutes in length) in downloadable mp3 format that cover just about every skill needed by leaders to address just about any responsibility or situation that can come up on any given day on the job.  Your choices are:

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New and Notable Blog Posts Did You Know