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In order to shift bicycle gears, you have to be in motion

When I was a child, I rode a single speed bicycle. It didn't matter whether I was biking up a hill or racing down a gravel road, my bike had just one gear, and I had to adjust my effort and speed in order to compensate for the riding conditions. As I grew older though, I realized that one could actually make the bicycle-riding experience easier and more enjoyable by getting a 3-speed, a 10-speed or even a 21-speed bike. The greatest benefit of a multiple-speed bicycle was that I could adjust the pedaling resistance to ride more easily over a greater variety of terrains. Brilliant!

Shortly after I got my first 10-speed bike, I quickly realized one additional and extremely vital fact – in order to switch gears, you had to be moving. You couldn't change gears when the bicycle was stationary; you had to be in motion for the gear shifting to work. That lesson was an important one, both for getting optimal use from my 10-speed bicycle, and for understanding how best to travel the road to success.

If you have professional or personal aspirations, whether they are career-related or lifestyle-focused, you're not going to get to your desired destination merely by looking for ways to make the experience easier and more enjoyable. So in other words, it isn't enough to simply buy the 10-speed bicycle. Sure, the features of this advanced bike are a benefit, but ONLY if you are able to use them. And you can only use them in you are in motion towards your destination. This requires that you get on your bicycle, keep pedaling, and focus up ahead towards the horizon to ensure that you are moving in the right direction.

So go ahead, look for opportunities to simplify and ease your journey towards your professional and personal goals. But understand that you still have to expend the energy and effort to be able to make use of these advantages. If you want to benefit from the different gears available on your 10-speed bicycle, you have to be in motion.

So what do you think? Do you feel that most people realize what it takes to shift the gears on their metaphoric bike journey towards their desired professional and personal goals? Please comment directly on the blog at

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Turning Managers into Leaders

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