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Why do goldfish only grow to the size of their bowl?

Did you know that goldfish only grow to the size of their enclosure? Which is ironic, given that goldfish are actually indeterminate growers, which means that unlike humans, they have the ability to grow until they die. In fact, depending on the breed, goldfish can grow to a maximum of 4 to 18 inches! But most of them don't. They don't because they are restricted, both by tank size, and the poor quality of their water. Small aquariums and fishbowls usually have little or no filtration, and often infrequent water changes; as a result, the water quality is typically poor, and the goldfish's growth is stunted. So they remain, underdeveloped and constricted, held back from reaching their full potential.

Which takes me to the leader's role in the workplace. A good leader not only creates a broad ecosystem for employees, but also ensures a favourable positive working environment. That means the workplace needs to be, at least metaphorically speaking, a sprawling area in which people have the freedom to think and act without negative repercussions, coupled with frequent deliberate infusions of fresh creativity, and the opportunity to "filter" ideas and planned actions past other colleagues. Translated into reality, that means a positive working atmosphere, characterized by an open-minded willingness to challenge the status quo, listen to alternative viewpoints, and go down paths less-traveled. And all of this has to come from the top. It is the leader who sets the tone for how people work and interact with one another. It is the leader who has to be a role model for how others are expected to behave and act.

Not many leaders will disagree with my depiction above. Yet, why is it that so many workplaces resemble the small goldfish bowl rather than a giant well-filtered aquarium? What makes so many managers create working environments that hold employees (and organizations) back from achieving great things? Would love to hear your thoughts as to why this happens. Please share by adding your comment online at my blog at:

Upcoming "public" leadership training events in Edmonton and Calgary

Merge is often asked by individual leaders about whether she offers "open-enrollment" leadership training programs, ones that are open to anyone from any organization. Usually, the answer is "no". But ... starting at the end of this month, and running until March 2017, Merge is delivering eight highly cost-effective full-day leadership and workplace communication programs in Edmonton and Calgary. For a list of the programs, and for links to register, visit our website.

Turning Managers into Leaders

That Merge is privileged to have worked with over 270 client organizations?

Sales managers, service managers, and government managers; C-suite executives, association executives and not-for-profit executives; franchise owners; academic leaders, student leaders, armed forces leaders, and healthcare leaders in just about every industry in countries all over the world are just some of the people Merge has worked with. And she'd love to work with you! Here is a partial client list.

Merge's professional practice is focused entirely on turning managers into leaders; on helping great people become exceptional leaders by turning people power into real and tangible results. Whether you need a keynote or a break-out session at your next conference or convention; customized leadership skills training; a fun and educational team-building event; help with facilitating a high-stakes meeting; consulting support on your people-related issues and projects; or one-on-one mentoring for your high-potential leaders; Merge can help!

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