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Now is a great time to assess (or re-assess) your personal motivations

motivationsGlynis Devine and I have been professional colleagues for several years, but only just recently we also started collaborating on several projects.  As a result, she has also become a dear friend.  I am SO thrilled that she agreed to guest on the blog today. As we enter yet another pandemic wave across the country, she poses some very interesting questions about what motivates each of us, and how our current time of great flux actually offers us an opportunity to assess (or re-assess) our core motivations.

Are you SURE you (still) know your WHY?

Soon, we’re told, we’ll resume a new normal that resembles more what we were used to at work before March 2020 and less the crazy, ambivalent flux of the last 13 months.  But how much does ‘what will be’ resemble ‘what was’? And what impact will that have on your ability to live – and work – authentically… passionately… sustainably?

In my little neighbourhood, 20 minutes outside Montreal, a house that might once have sat on the market for more than a year is now selling in as little as a week – with no minimizing, no modernizing, no staging, no house inspection, and for as much as 40% more than asking because of a bidding war! CRAZY!!

In the city, apartment buildings are emptying; residents are no longer tethered to a brick-and-mortar building for work. 

Companies like Shopify, Bombardier, and Air Canada are turning their business models upside down aiming to reduce costs, stay viable, and future-proof with a sustainable plan.

Telework is a new permanent norm for many corporations; they’re now curating top talent from around the globe rather than their city or country.

Business is NOT going to look like it did 13 months ago – not even close; it’s experienced a massive ‘reset’ – and that’s a call for us to re-assess and reset, too!

Now is the IDEAL time to revisit your business life model – to do a ‘check-up from the neck up’ and ask yourself… why?

Why do you (still) do what you do?

What would happen if you pressed pause just like the decision-makers at Shopify, Bombardier, and Air Canada?

What might you consider changing so your ‘model’ life and business were more effective, ‘juiced’, authentic, and sustainable?

The first step…

Take a moment to do a ‘then’ and ‘now’ assessment of Currencies… that is, list the reasons why you do what you do that are over and above the paycheck. Then, ask yourself, ‘is this STILL true for me?’

In my research, I’ve identified 82 core currencies that drive people to think how they think, to feel how they feel, and to do what they do.

What are your core currencies (or motivations)?

We were taught, erroneously, to believe that the paycheck was our primary currency. And we’ve known for some time it’s not. Now, finally, we’ve been given a 13+-month pause to consider, that, ‘if it’s not what is?’

Life has changed… is it possible your reasons for success have changed, too?

So is that true for you?  Have your personal and professional motivations changed as a result of the pandemic?  I’d love to hear your perspectives, please share by commenting below. 

Glynis E. Devine is a Currency-Driven Performance expert; she works with senior leadership teams to help them identify and leverage their leaders’ core currencies to drive peak performance. You can reach her and/or book a free 20-minute consult for a new tool to shift your team’s performance by emailing

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