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One tip to get the results you want from your emails

EmailIn today’s business world, e-mail is probably the most commonly used form of written communication, yet unfortunately, it gets misused a lot, or often, not to its full potential.  Most people are deluged in so much e-mail that if your message is not succinct, to the point, and compelling, your email will get lost somewhere in the chaos. Whether you’re just seeking to inform others, get them to respond, or even convince them to change their minds about something, a well-crafted email will make all the difference.  If you want to finesse your message so that you can not only convey your message effectively, but also get the results and outcomes that you desire, then here’s one critical thing you should do before you start typing.

Before you even start writing your e-mail, first ask yourself this VERY important question: what do you want your reader to DO after s/he has read your e-mail?  Are you just seeking to increase knowledge or to make your reader more informed? Or do you want her to do something – to take action, to respond to you, to make a decision, to schedule an appointment or a meeting?  Or do you want your reader to agree with you or change his mind?  Maybe you are looking for your reader to believe something? Or perhaps you want her to comply with a policy or rule?  There may be a time when you want your reader to buy a product or a service.  Or are you looking for him to give you consent or approval. You have to start by defining exactly WHAT it is you want your reader to do. If you’re not clear on this, then the odds are high that neither will be your reader. If you’re not crystal-clear on what the outcome is that you want, then your need will NOT translate through to the email and the chances of your reader giving you the result you want is very slim.

So do you agree with me?  What else do you suggest that writers do in order to increase the likelihood of getting their message across, or achieving the outcome or results they desire?  Please add your Comments below.


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