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One year of video tips on employee motivation … coming up in 2018

I am thrilled to announce that we have big plans for 2018 – a whole year of video tips specifically focusing on employee motivation!!

This past year, upon urging from many of you, I made the decision to post more video blogs.  You all told me that you appreciated hearing quick, specific, and actionable tips that you could implement immediately.  So back in February, as an experiment, I started with a short video series on making the switch from a non-supervisory to a management role – seven individual discrete tips to help you seamlessly move into the new role of a supervisor.  The response was so positive that I was persuaded to try again.  So in April, I started another eight tip video series – this time on leading virtual teams.  In it, I offered up, again, specific practical ideas, on how to make long-distance leadership work.  When that turned out to be a success, I went all in, launching a 15-part video series in June on leading organizational change.  Well, you’ve continued to tell me that you like these – that they’re quick and easy to internalize and implement, and that you’d like some more.

2018 … one whole year of video tips on how to motivate employees

So I can’t stop now, and I’ve got big plans for next year.  2018 is going to be the year to focus on and highlight ideas on employee motivation.  Actually, more specifically, zero and low-cost ways to inspire, encourage and excite your people – to greater positivity and productivity, to higher performance and greater commitment.

Starting in January next year, every couple of weeks (or so), I’ll offer up a video blog.  Each one will outline a single specific, useful, pragmatic idea you can use to motivate the troops.  Now if you’ve ever attended one of my live or online programs on this topic, then you know that one of the fundamental concepts in employee motivation is that different people are motivated by different things.  So a single tip won’t necessarily be one that will be effective with all your employees.  But the plan is that by the end of 2018, you’ll have a well-stocked toolkit of possible motivators, enough that there will be at least a few in there that will work with each of your team members.  I’m not sure how many tips we’ll get to by the end of the year, but I reckon that we’ll have at least thirty, maybe more.

So I hope you’re excited (I certainly am), and stay tuned for when I’ll kick off this new series sometime in early to mid-January.  If you’ve got specific issues or questions you want addressed, then please, either post right here, or drop me an email using the contact page on our website.

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