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Overcoming generational differences to create productive workplaces

There has never been such a diversity of generations in the workplace as there is today. It is not unusual to find each of the four generational demographics – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers and Millennials – in a single department. And because each generation brings its own values and expectations into the workplace, it’s not unusual to have differing viewpoints on a single situation which can often lead to disagreement and conflict. In the latest issue of Perspectives Magazine published by the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, I provide a quick overview of the differing outlooks of each generation AND I offer three specific ideas to bridge the gap.

Read Ages Apart: How to bridge generational differences to create productive and successful workplaces

So what is your experience? What are you doing to bridge the generational gap in your organization? Please share your ideas in the Comments section below.


  • Merge has captured the inter-generational differences very well; I really like the ideas for bridging the gap–insightful.

  • Everyone should know the differences in generational age needs. Knowing the needs will be the first step to decreased conflict. Well shared Merge with some great examples of each of the generational needs and motivations at work!


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