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Prioritization and time management for leaders – live audio event on February 16

If you’re a leader, then you know you are busy, no one has to tell you!  You have a multitude of responsibilities that keep your schedule overflowing.  From dealing with the day-to-day issues to participating in long-term initiatives; from putting out smoldering fires to responding to the never-ending stream of e-mail in your in-basket; you are tasked with juggling numerous projects and meeting a myriad of deadlines!  No one has to tell you that your schedule is demanding, you already know that you are being asked to do more with less: provide better customer service, greater productivity and stronger leadership, all while your time and resources dwindle.  No one has to remind you of how much you’re trying to juggle; what you really want are practical, positive and effective strategies to cope with your escalating workload.  And I can help!  If you want to learn specific and practical techniques and tactics to positively and productively deal with your time-wasters; to take charge of your work day so that you can get more done, more effectively and in less time, and perhaps most importantly, achieve greater peace of mind then you absolutely MUST join me at this event.

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You CAN take control by mastering some key prioritization and time management skills!  Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • A simple yet amazingly powerful two-by-two matrix that you can use to systematically prioritize everything you do
  • Respectful and tactful ways to work with those who interrupt you constantly
  • Simple tips to deal with paper and e-mail ONCE
  • The four D’s of email management
  • Effective tactics to overcome procrastination (including the interestingly-titled salami and 5-minute techniques)
  • Proven strategies to make your telephone usage MUCH more efficient
  • The unrecognized potential of the Slight Edge principle
  • Why perfectionists are their own greatest enemies

Join me on February 16, 2011 at 11 AM MST. Early bird pricing in effect ONLY until this Wednesday February 9!

Click here to register, or for more information.

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