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Remote team building activities are essential for your virtual or hybrid team

In today’s video tip, I’m focusing on remote team building activities.  In our post-Covid world, it’s not unusual to have to hold team meetings with some or all of your staff logging in remotely.  Have you ever struggled to keep the team spirit alive from behind your screens?  Well, that’s about to change. Because I want to tell you about something I call “Virtual Pursuit” that I’ve offered to several of my clients.  Essentially, it’s a game on their regular team meeting agenda that is very effective in strengthening team bonds and building collaboration.

Implement remote team building activities such as “Virtual Pursuit”

Virtual Pursuit is basically an online game.  But it’s not just for fun.  It’s also a catalyst for stronger team connections.  It’s a unique blend of challenges and laughs, perfectly crafted for your virtual or hybrid team. It’s a digital activity where your team collaborates to solve puzzles, complete creative tasks, and learn about each other in the process.

You start by dividing your team into groups, and feel free to mix up the groups each time.  And then assign them a pursuit.  The pursuit could be solving puzzles, answering trivia about your company or industry, or even completing fun photo or video challenges.  But here’s the twist – each challenge is designed to not only be fun but also to encourage your team to collaborate and think creatively.   In one challenge, they might be recreating a famous artwork using only items from their home office. In another, they could be solving a riddle that requires combining clues from each member. It’s all about teamwork, creativity, and thinking outside the box – which ultimately is the essence of effective remote team building activities.  Think of it as an amazing race, but in a virtual world.

Schedule Virtual Pursuit into your regular team meetings

So, how do you kickstart this virtual team bonding? Schedule a Virtual Pursuit session during your team’s regular meeting. The anticipation and excitement alone will start building a buzz. Remember, the key to successful making this work is participation and enjoyment.  Consider offering a small incentive for the winning team – maybe an online group lunch or an extra hour off.

Involve the team

How do you come up with these pursuits?  Assign the task to two individuals for each team meeting who will then be the Virtual Pursuit host(s) for the meeting.  Let them work together to come up with the pursuit for the meeting.  Not only will they get it done for you, but they’ll have fun and build bonds in the process.  And rotate so that all team members eventually get to be hosts.  If you’ve never done something like this before, you may want to do the first one, and then pass it off to team members for the second one.

The coolest part of Virtual Pursuit is that it will transform your team’s dynamic, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration, even from afar. I’ve not only seen this positive impact firsthand, but many of my clients have also told me how effective this is.  It breaks down barriers and injects a much-needed dose of fun into virtual or hybrid work.

I encourage you to give Virtual Pursuit a try and share your experiences. And also share what other remote team building activities have worked for your team? Let’s keep the conversation going and continue to explore innovative ways to bring our virtual or hybrid teams closer.  Add your comments below.

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