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Resolving workplace issues – one thing you’ve GOT to do

Some conversations with employees are not easy!  Either the topic is sensitive or controversial, or the person you have to talk to has a reputation of getting prickly and defensive, or even worse, both!  Either way, it’s a difficult dialogue, and if there was any way you could possibly get out of it, you would no doubt find it!  Yet, if you want to create and maintain a positive and productive workplace, then you have to speak up to resolve workplace issues.  This short video tells you the one thing you absolutely HAVE to do if you’re going to have any hope of achieving success in your goal.

If you’d like the Top Ten report I refer to in this video, either click this link: or go to the URL on the screen at the end of the video.  And, let me know if the topic of your uncomfortable discussion made it to our Top Ten List.  And if it didn’t I’d love to hear about it!

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