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Secure employee commitment by letting them annually attend a training event of their choice

In our last video episode in our ongoing series focusing on specific motivating actions leaders can take to secure employee commitment, I suggested that you let your employees telecommute, even occasionally.  Today’s idea: offer each of your employees the opportunity to annually attend at least one training program or learning conference of their choice.

Let your people attend at least one training event (of their choice) annually

When you invest financial resources into your employees, what you’re really telling them is that you value them and want to set them up for success.  No wonder then that this seemingly simple action invariably results in increased employee commitment.  And when you let your employees choose which training or conference to attend, the motivating value goes up significantly.

Concerned about abuse? It can be managed

Now I’ve heard the objections to this … what if the employee selects training that is not ideal for their job?  Or what if the employee chooses a conference that is at some exotic location that costs an arm and a leg in travel expenses?  Sure, that possibility exists, so make it clear to your employees that they need to justify their choice to you.  So, in other words, it’s not just a free-for-all, they have to demonstrate a valid reason and return on investment in order for you to approve their choice.

The reality is that most employees see this as the privilege it is, and won’t abuse it.  In fact, almost all of them will appreciate and value that you want to invest in their success.  The ultimate outcome: greater employee commitment.

Almost all the leaders at client organizations tell me that once they’ve spelled out the rules, employees don’t abuse this benefit.  I’d love to hear about your experiences though.  What have you observed?  Has this motivator been successful in securing employee commitment in your workplace?  Please share.

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