Optimizing your results by maximizing the value of your meetings

Meetings … usually the bane of organizational existence!  Yet they're necessary if you want to establish goals, achieve buy-in, elevate communication, generate new ideas, further morale, build strong teams, and so much more.  But only if they're done right!  So how do you maximize the value of the time and money spent on your meeting?  Simple: use a facilitator.

Whether it's a strategic planning session, a Board planning workshop, an association meeting, Executive team development, staff team-building, creative problem solving, or something else, Merge is skilled at creating a safe and productive meeting environment in which people are engaged, and more efficient in using their time, resulting in prudent decisions and a greater commitment to further action.

She uses a proven five-step facilitation formula to first understand what you want to accomplish, and then to help you move forward in order to achieve your objectives.  Her goal is to enable and expedite your important conversations about planning, solving problems, developing teams, setting goals, resolving conflicts, identifying organizational values, creating visions and missions, learning new skills, or selecting new business partners.

During her time with you, Merge will draw upon her broad range of experience with over 250 different clients in a wide variety of industry sectors to recommend processes and approaches to help you reach your desired end-state.  While she promises to be positive and respectful, you can also count on her to deliver tough messages (even if you don't want to hear them) and keep your people focused and on task.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Merge was inspirational and engaging. All the participants I spoke to had nothing but glowing comments. One participant even wistfully mentioned that she wished she could do the day all over again.”

Vice President
International Association of Administrative Professionals

International Association of Administrative Professionals

For specific examples of how Merge has helped organizations maximize the value of their meetings, please review our Facilitation case studies.  Our Consulting case studies may also give you additional insight into how Merge can assist you.

P.S.  Perhaps you've had the discussion about whether it's worth getting a facilitator for your meeting (or even if you can afford one).

If so, then think about the cost of an unsuccessful or unproductive meeting.  What will it cost to fix mistakes, or have your team go back to the same issues repeatedly?  When you weigh the relative investment of bringing people together for the meeting in the first place against the incremental investment in a facilitator, then the decision becomes much easier.

P.P.S.  Maybe you've argued over whether to get an internal or external facilitator.

Internal facilitators have advantages in that they often have better insights into your organization, and they're usually inexpensive.  But if your meeting is likely to involve large egos, high stakes, complexity, many participants at different levels, anxieties, or low degrees of trust, then an experienced external facilitator such as Merge (who is skilled at refocusing with grace and humor) can greatly increase the likelihood of positive outcomes, ultimately saving you time, money and frustration!

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