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Social connections → positive relationships → a compassionate workplace

Today’s post is Strategy #11 in our ongoing video tips series on creating a more compassionate workplace.  And the tip is to deliberately create opportunities for social interaction.

Create opportunities for social connection

In strategy #3 in our series, I said that it was important to get to know your staff in order to create a compassionate workplace.  But a compassionate workplace also comes from the relationships BETWEEN your people.  So create many opportunities for them to get to know one another better.  People are more likely to be compassionate to those that they know more than just superficially.

You can promote social connection and camaraderie among your staff by organizing team-building activities, social events, or volunteer opportunities. Even better, you don’t plan them, get your staff to organize them.  These kind of activities can help build a sense of community and foster positive relationships among co-workers.

Another great approach is to provide opportunities for your staff to participate in volunteerism and community engagement.  Think about it – the primary motivation behind volunteerism is compassion.  So if your team participates in a volunteer activity together, you are taking positive steps to build a compassionate workplace.  Volunteer activities can not only help you all feel connected to your community, but it also contributes to a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your work.

Social connection leads to positive relationships, and positive relationships encourage and foster compassion between co-workers.  One leads to the other to the other.

For previous strategies in this series, go to our series page at Creating a compassionate workplace video tips.

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