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Introvert leaders, play to your strengths to be more effective and influential

My latest column for The Globe and Mail went online last week, titled Leadership beyond words: Four strengths introverts have that are key to success.  In it, I focus on introvert leaders, and what the strengths they bring to the

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workplace expectations

Workplace expectations have changed, and so should how you lead

My latest column for The Globe and Mail published on Friday.  In this article – Workplace expectations have changed in six key ways and so should how you lead – I reflect on the six significant changes that have occurred

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Leaders in northern British Columbia: Step into your greatness!

I am pretty darn excited to be speaking at the 10th Annual Spark Women’s Leadership Conference on May 17-18 in Fort St. John BC.  This premiere event brings together hundreds of women leaders (and the men who work with and

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leadership messages

What leadership messages are you (inadvertently) sending? Or when does duct tape become good enough?

  This happened a couple of weeks ago, and it made me think about whether we expect enough from our people, and what leadership messages we may be deliberately or inadvertently sending to them. When duct tape becomes good enough

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take action

Leaders, take action to “weed your garden”

I often blog about how it’s important for leaders to take action, even if it may not be comfortable or easy.  My continued musings about my little garden on my terrace led to yet another metaphor that illustrates this essential

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team results

What does it (really) take to achieve team results?

I am often asked what it takes to achieve success in a team.  You know, so that work gets done, the product or service gets delivered, and checkmarks can get put next to all the items on the team results

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