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overcoming procrastination

Trouble overcoming procrastination? Use “the salami technique”

Earlier in this series on productivity tools for leaders, I offered a few ideas on overcoming procrastination.  Specifically, in strategies #7, #8 and #9, I discussed “going public”, using the Zeigarnik Effect, and schedule unappealing tasks 25-minute blocks. Today, I

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relationship with your manager

Build a better working relationship with your manager by putting yourself in his shoes

A few years ago I did a series of three posts on the blog about specific actions you could take to build a stronger working relationship with your manager.  Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a perennial subject that comes up repeatedly

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Are you a human bottleneck?

Could you be a human bottleneck?  If others have stopped their work because they are waiting for information or action from you, then the answer is “yes”.  When activities need to be funnelled through a single individual so that they

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productivity tools

The zenith of productivity tools – voice recognition software!

Today I’m back on the blog with another installment in our series on productivity tools for leaders. In my many conversations with leaders across the country, I’ve often heard them remark about how correspondence – mainly emails, but also letters

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symbiotic relationships

Seeking out symbiotic relationships can make you a better leader

Examples of symbiotic relationships are numerous in nature, and they often offer great parallels to leaders in the world of work.  Consider the relationship between sea turtles and Yellow Tang fish.  The symbiotic magic happens in what is colloquially referred

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boost productivity

To boost productivity, automate information requests

It has been over a month since I’ve added another idea to our current video series on ways for leaders to boost productivity.  So it’s time!  Today’s tip to boost productivity is to automate information requests.  Let me explain. To

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