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compassion at work

Offering to help others IS compassion at work

Today’s post is strategy #4 in our series on tools to build more compassion at work.  The tip is to offer to help. Offer to help others Offer to help someone who seems overloaded.  This tool is effective not just

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compassionate leader

A compassionate leader takes the time to get to know their staff better

In our last video in this series on strategies to be a more compassionate leader, I talked about the importance of increasing your self-awareness, with a goal of recognizing when things aren’t right with your people. Get to know your

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When you improve your self-awareness, you build your compassion

In my last video in this series, I kicked off a brand-new series on tips to create a more compassionate workplace.  One of the first places to start in building your compassionate leadership is by increasing your own self-awareness as

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compassionate workplace

Why should you create a more compassionate workplace?

In today’s blog post, I’m kicking off a brand-new video tip series on tools to create a more compassionate workplace.  This is the first of several videos this year on this topic. Does a compassionate workplace make a difference? A

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work from home

Want to work from home permanently? Think about how it will affect your career

Regular readers know that I am a great supporter of flexibility in the work environment, specifically when organizations and their leaders make it possible for employees to work from home, at least occasionally.  This kind of flexibility builds morale and

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compassion in the workplace

Go beyond empathy; compassion in the workplace is what really matters!

Alexandra Chisholm is a physical therapist, specializing in the care of complex burn survivors. She has a special interest and education in pain management, and is, in her words, passionate about the Science and Art of alleviating pain and suffering. 

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